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Water Pipe Study: United States Needs $1 Trillion For Drinking Water Lines Over Next 25 Years

Plugging the leaks in water pipes and building new ones to keep up with a growing population could cost the United States $1 trillion over the next 25 years, according to an industry study released Monday.

That study unearths a subject few

6 months ago

DIY Plumbing Guide By Pat Perkins

Prevent Water Damage in the Laundry Roomby: Terry Allen. Many times homeowners notice a small puddle of water forming on the floor or may notice the copper pipe turning a greenish color, which is the first sign of a pinhole leak. One of the bigges read more...

6 months ago

How tech strengthens hospital sanitization

Ebola's not the only infection feared by hospitals now - new technology strengthens sanitization, zaps growing number of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).

A trip to the hospital these days may make you sick. Though it sounds like a par read more...